TYS: Sharon’s Story

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Here is Sharon’s Story:

The Genesis of AHApothecary

I was standing in what I call my kitchen garden, in the early autumn of 2015, breathing in the glory of the first whispers of the foliage changing color, when I felt a gentle yet very potent explosion reverberate through my entire being.  In a flash, I “heard/felt” the devas (nature spirits) of our land say to me “We trust you now.”  At the same moment, “they” gave me the name of what has now become AHApothecary.  As this was bursting through me, I was also shown many, many lifetimes as an herbalist, medicine woman, witch, healer.  It was all so familiar and yet all so new, I was washed over with a sense of gratitude so complete that I trembled to my knees and touched my forehead to the hallowed ground that I have so come to love over my years tending this land.

It was a completely mystical experience, when it is revealed all at once that your life is taking a new, yet ancient direction.  I felt inside as if all of these disparate pieces of myself were coming into focus, as if my life’s path had been a kaleidoscope that had never come close to being in focus until now.  Disparate pieces of my interests, skills, studies, fascinations and passions were suddenly crystallized in that moment, and I knew that my life would never be the same.

The plants and I have always had a special relationship, and I’ve been a gardener all my life.  In fact, one of my most transcendent experiences was a day when I was mixing soil for a new bed that I was digging.  I was on my knees next to my wheelbarrow, which was filled with topsoil and compost and leaf mulch and I had my arms in the soil almost to my armpits, lifting and blending the layers.  The richness and vitality of the soil touching that much of my skin was such an intimate moment, that I felt one with all of life.  I felt one with the earth out of which everything is born.  I felt a primordial love for and connection with the life giving force that is soil.  The mitochondrial electricity that was coursing through that black gold was lighting up the circuits in my entire being and I was overwhelmed with the wonder of creation.

This moment in my Fairy Cottage was an experience of the same magnitude.

I was home.  The earth had made a tectonic shift and I knew things would never be the same.

In rapid succession, two events happened that confirmed that I was on new footing.

One of my clients had lost his right forearm 10 years ago to a sarcoma that had gone into the bone.  A new cancer site had appeared on his remaining forearm and his daughter was concerned about the same thing happening, and with him being 90 years old with advanced Alzheimer’s, surgery was not an option.  I had just listened to a series called The Truth About Cancer, where they interviewed many doctors from around the world who have healed cancer with “Alternative Medicine”.  I remembered a segment where a doctor had used infused herbal oils blended with essential oils of frankincense and myrrh to heal his mother’s skin cancer.

My client’s daughter had asked me to accompany him to his first radiation appointment, where they “map” the site, and it was such a traumatic and cold experience, that she opted to have me try the healing salve.  I have the before and after photos to prove that within 10 days, the wound had not only completely closed over, but the angry discoloration was now just a slight blush.  To say that we were all amazed is an understatement!!  When they went to the doctor for follow up, she told him that instead of doing the radiation that he had recommended, she opted to try this, the doctor did an eye roll.  Then he pulled up the sleeve, and his jaw dropped.  But did he ask what we had used?  No.  He just rolled the sleeve down and said, “Well, I’m glad to see that it’s better”.  Wow!!

The next thing that happened was that in October I was the astrologer at a Holistic Practitioner Gathering and there I met an herbalist with whom I had an immediate rapport.  I told her about my “awakening” experience in my garden, and about the salve that I had made that healed the cancer wound, and that I felt that meeting her was another confirmation that something powerful was opening up for me.  I asked her if she taught or took on apprentices.  She said that she had done some teaching in the past and was considering doing it again.  I bought some remedies from her and felt so connected with the medicine and with her.

Over the late fall and early winter I listened to all kinds of podcasts and radio shows, researched and read all kinds of books, and began making simple folk style salves and syrups.  Then I got an email that April, the herbalist I had met, was going to be teaching a 9-month class beginning in March.  I was elated!!  I devoured all kinds of books and began to order and study from the books that she recommended for the class.   One of the things that we were going to do was to create our own Materia Medica of plants that we work with and become intimately familiar with their properties and constituents, growth habits, and how they best can offer us their medicine.

Dandelion was the first plant I took as a true ally, and I explored her as one would explore a lover’s body.   Her indomitable and generous spirit abounds and explodes with giving of her life force.  In spite of the endless chemical wars waged against her,  she comes to every doorstep, meadow, roadside, and sidewalk crack with her golden lion’s mane radiating life-enhancing strength, vitality, potency and abundance.  Her roots transform precious trace minerals from the soil into usable inulin to help balance our blood sugar and deeply nourish our gall bladder and liver.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect medicine for our diabetes drowning society?

Since then, making medicine has become the primary pulse of my life.  What was for many years my meditation room has now become my Apothecary.  In fact, about 6 months before the medicine path began to reveal itself to me, I was meditating one morning, and I got the clear message that my meditation room was going to be transforming into another use.   It seemed like a crazy notion at first, as when I moved into my home 7 years ago, I was ecstatic that I had a room that I could use exclusively for meditation.  Now, to be hearing clearly that it would be changing seemed very confusing.  In hindsight, I completely understand, and in fact, the vibration of that room, being purified from years of meditation, is the perfect place in our home for keeping the medicines.

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